Founded by Lorenza Donati and Antoine Berchier, ALIAS works in the fields of architecture, research, education, urbanism and cultural production. ALIAS develops national and international projects such as ZOLLI (2022), RIP (2022) and NISY (2023). ALIAS stands for a specific architecture, adapted to the needs of each project, situation and story. ALIAS speculates with the spectacular and ordinary. ALIAS is a fictive identity in constant mutation.


ANTOINE BERCHIER holds a degree in architecture from ETH Zurich after graduating with his Masterthesis “OPERA!” under Prof. Christian Kerez. He worked with Charles Pictet (Geneva) and collaborated over 6 years with Herzog & De Meuron (Basel) as a project manager on various projects and competitions, among other things he was responsible for the Titlis Summit Station.

LORENZA DONATI holds a degree in architecture from ETH Zurich after having graduated with her Masterthesis “Palace Robert” at the Studio Tom Emerson. She worked with 6a (London), Ilai (Zürich) and collaborated with Bruther (Paris) as a project manager on various projects and competitions. Until 2018 she worked as a teaching assistant and research fellow at the ETH Zurich.


2209 KHZ
2208 ENG

2205 MAN
2201 ART
2112 KHB
2108 RIP

2105 NISY
2012 ZUR

2012 MOR

2008 OI

2007 ZOLL

2006 CATA

2003 CPT

1706 BER
1501 NOV
1402 EPA
1401 SCA

Technical consultation Kunsthalle Zürich, Zürich, with Laszlo Blaser, on going.
A swimming pool, competition entry, Engelberg.

Modern Animals, a contemporary art gallery, Zürich, on going.
Refurbishment of an apartment, Crans-près-Céligny, built.
Technical consultation Kunsthalle Bern, Bern, on going.
Refurbishment of a Villa, La Rippe, built.

Building a house on a volcano, Nisyros, on going.
Gaia, competition entry for a Pavilion in a Park, with Comte/Meuwly, Zürich.

Moby, competition entry for a sport center,
with Antoine Barjon, Arthur de  Buren, Charles Capre, Morges.
Refurbishment of an apartment,Paris, built.

664’000 kwh, competition entry for a logistic center,

with Antoine Barjon, Arthur de  Buren, Charles Capre, Sierre
Transformation of a villa, Zollikon, built.

Conversion of a farmer’s house, Uggiate, feasibility study.
Broccato, competition entry for a fashion school, with Marine de Dardel, Chiasso.
Kitchen for a family, Bern, built.

A private art collection archive, Ticino, built.
A stair connecting a granny flat to the main house,Ticino, built.
Interior refurbishment of a villa, Epalinges, built.


Since 2022




Teaching at Studio Prof. Tom Emerson, ETH, Zürich.
Extrapolations! One week workshop at Royal Academy Antwerpen,
with Marine de Dardel, Antwerpen.
Extrapolations! One week workshop at ENSAP Malaquais,
with Marine de Dardel, Berit Seidel, Sebastian Vargas, Paris.
Teaching at Studio Prof. Arno Brandlhuber, ETH, Zürich.
Teaching at Studio Prof. Christian Kerez, ETH, Zürich.


Since 2020

Board member of the Kunsthalle Bern.
EAVT Paris-Est, Final Jury, Studio Fosco Lucarelli.
ETH Zürich, final jury HS21, Prof. Angela Deuber.
ETH Zürich, final jury HS21, Prof. Arno Brandlhuber.
Accademia di Medrisio, final jury HS21, Prof. Muck Petzet.
EAVT Paris-Est, Final Jury L1.
EAVT Paris-Est, Jury Workshop Iris Lacoudre.
ETH Zürich, final jury FS20, Prof. Tom Emerson.
ETH Zürich, final jury HS18, Prof. Raphael Zuber.


Thank you for your interest in working with ALIAS. We are continuously searching for talented people to join our team and would be happy to receive your application. We only accept applications sent by email, hardcopies will not be considered.


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